Thursday, September 15, 2011

This morning as I walked out to my car to begin my commute to work, I could smell hunting season wafting on the wind. If I closed my eyes I could picture the yellow pines, tamarack, and the sage of a central Idaho ridge peeking through the early morning fog. I could feel the gentle rocking of the tree stand in the early morning breeze of a northern Minnesota deer opener. I could feel the excitement of the adrenalin rushing through my veins only a true hunter an outdoorsman can as I begin the count down to the opening day. I still have a lot to do to get ready. I need to purchase a gun for my son who is in his second year of hunting. I need to upgrade my cold weather gear. I also need to get out in the timber to move and check existing tree stands. So much to do, but I plan to releish in each part, as I visualize the tenderloin popping and crackling in the pan. I hope you follow my blog as I update my progress and fill you in with anecdotal stories of my hunting adventures this year. Suggestions and advice are always welcome! A true outdoorsman never ceases to learn.... Please come join me for the Hunt!